The Nautilus shell shows

The Way to a Golden Ratio

There is a reason for our logo, the Nautilus shell is a living species in our ocean, also often considered as “living fossil”. The nautilus shell, home of the species, represents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral in geometry. This logarithmic shell is also known as golden spiral, which shows a natural algorithm.

The structure of a nautilus consist of up to 30 camerae (chambers). Each camerae grows and gets wider by a factor π for every quarter turn it makes. This is also described in arts and literature as the golden ratio.

We at Nautilus consulting are committed to find a strategy to grow your business by exploring the ideal way to find the golden growth ratio. Just like the structure is growing of a Nautilus shell. That’s the Nautilus way of doing things – derived in nature.

5 Principles for Nautilus Consulting

Our key principles are to identify your real needs based on a deep dive into your business model including research and data analysis.

• Effective project communication
• Creative problem solving
• Innovation and AI involvement
• Diverse teams and Out of the box strategies
• Agreement on measurable results and KPI’s