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Nautilus is a Strategy & Management Consulting Firm

We consult in sports and entertainment, brands, IP, franchises and start-ups to navigate through digital transition, growth, competition and constant change in our industry.

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Mentorship, user-case challenge and resources for early-stage companies

Stefan Kastenmüller

Stefan has been working as sports-, media-, and entertainment executive with an international track record of more than 28 years. 

Long term roles at Philip Morris, Viacom, Disney, WWE and Sesame Workshop have resulted in a unique range of experiences and networks.

As an entrepreneur he has been a founder in numerous companies, including Katze Productions, a creative think-tank and production company in London. As well as the digital eBrand agency-argoBrand, as part of the new media agency argonauten within Grey Group Middle Europe.

In addition, Stefan acts as a producer for innovative IP and as an investor and consultant for early stage start-up’s.

Network Across the Planet


Europe / Middle East




Europe/Middle East




Over the years we have been creating multiple unique cases and leading major strategic initiatives.

Some of them we are able to show, more are available upon request.

The Golden Ratio

There is a reason for our logo, the Nautilus shell is a living species in our ocean, also often considered as “living fossil”. 

The nautilus shell, home of the species, represents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral in geometry. This logarithmic shell is also known as golden spiral, which shows a natural algorithm.

The structure of a nautilus consist of up to 30 camerae (chambers). Each camerae grows and gets wider by a factor π for every quarter turn it makes. This is also described in arts and literature as the golden ratio.